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Tadeusz Stolarczyk , Piotr Pacholski ,  Karol Stolarczyk

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Forestry mulchers / shredders with rigid tools.

FAE mulchers with rigid tools are used for the fragmentation of forestry clearing waste, undergrowth clearing, land treatment under power transmission lines, woodworking of stumps and rootwood, as well as for forest land rehabilitation.

FAE shredders with rigid tools use a broad range of standard accessories with the following features:

   »  dust-proof chassis
   »  PTO with overload coupling, tractor-adapted
   »  main angular gear with a freewheel
   »  main angular gear with PTO automatic working angle adjustment
   »  reinforced intermediate shafts with a star-shaped cross-section
   »  rotors driven by belt transmissions (ST/DT)
   »  oversized rotor bearings and forged rotor axles
   »  a patented tool mount system
   »  rotors with a set of all-purpose, spirally mounted tools
   »  special, reinforced clearing tools mounted on the edges
   »  hydraulic hood with Hardox counterblades
   »  skids with height adjustment

Optional equipment includes:

   »  hydraulic link (third point of the hitch)
   »  rigid frame for tree tilting
   »  hydraulic frame for tree tilting
   »  alternative Viper type tools and D type tools for less demanding tasks
   »  alternative tools for the A or B type, used on heavier machinery
   »  alternative reinforced tools for A/SR, B/SR, C/SD, Viper/HM, and D/HM types for more demanding tasks
   »  hydrodynamic overload coupling
   »  raker teeth mounted on the hydraulic flap
   »  special narrow skids that facilitate soil penetration