We have been active in this sector for over 20 years

Tadeusz Stolarczyk , Piotr Pacholski ,  Karol Stolarczyk

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Who are we? About the Company:

Zakład Handlowo-Usługowy ELEKTRO-TEST (short Polish name: ZHU Elektro-Test) was established in 1995. It provided electric services and wholesale distribution of electronic devices and accessories. In January 2010, ELEKTRO-TEST S.C. (Patrnership) was separated from ZHU ELEKTRO-TEST in order to provide services for the main partner PGE Dystrybucja. The undertaking provides electric and power engineering services.

The business is owned by three partners:
Tadeusz Stolarczyk , Piotr Pacholski ,  Karol Stolarczyk

We have gained experience over the years. We owe our success to team work and our personnel with excellent qualifications. We guarantee the professional execution of projects in strict compliance with standards, short delivery times, and a comprehensive range of associated services. We have been active in this sector for over 20 years, boasting formidable experience and hundreds of delivered projects. We employ more than 50 people and we are constantly developing our range of services. We own machinery and equipment which enables us to carry out commissioned tasks and extend our skills so as to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our clients will have the benefit of:

- our skills, engineering expertise, and experience which contributes to the quality and final results of our work;

- strong position of ELEKTROTEST in Poland and the European market as well as the renown of the design office located in Tomaszów Mazowiecki which provides dedicated services to the power engineering sector;

- commitment to investments – projects delivered for state-owned companies and individuals

- delivery of projects anywhere within the ‎Łódź, Masovian, Świętokrzyskie Voivodships, and beyond

- full utilisation of our specialists' experience and knowledge

- the advantages of constant investment in the growth of our staff and technical base