We have been active in this sector for over 20 years

Tadeusz Stolarczyk , Piotr Pacholski ,  Karol Stolarczyk

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Ceramika Paradyż: Logistics centre – construction of a 15 kV cable line

Maintenance of street lighting in the area of Tomaszów Mazowiecki

The construction of street lighting in the area of: Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Opoczno, Dzielna and others

Ferrero: removal of collisions and construction of new cable routes for medium-voltage lines.

Expo-Drew: reconstruction of medium voltage overhead lines (15 kV) and construction of 0.4/15 kV transformer stations

Opoczno, Przemysłowa Street: construction of 15 kV cable lines and medium voltage connections to serve the industrial area

Wis Group: construction of 15 kV cable line to serve the foundry